A Month of Sundaes!

Several times a year, I practice 30 Days of Gratitude, and everyday I post something I am personally grateful for. Some days, indeed, it is harder than others but therein lies the challenge. Abundance is found in Gratitude.

I have posted these, Dear Reader, so that you may be inspired to remember the abundance in your own life. Be blessed, always.

1. I am grateful for my friendships, old and new. Life is perpetually beautiful through the prism of love.

2. Today, I appreciate being me. Yay ME!

3. I appreciate the negative experiences in my life, for they give me lessons, strength and hope. They are the bounce that propels me to even higher places and greater happiness.

4. I am grateful for my ability to see the beauty and tragedy in the world.

5. I love being Black!

6. Location is everything, and I get to live in California. It never gets old.

7. I am grateful that I have the ability to walk. I will never take for granted my ability to control my own body.

8. I am grateful to be alive. It is not always fun or easy, but I am always glad.

9. I appreciate the Sun. It literally and figuratively gives me life.

10. Hooray for music! Sweet, sweet music.

11. I appreciate opportunities to learn, and change, and grow.

12. I am grateful to be of service to my communities, to my loved ones and to humanity.

13. I appreciate my freedom, in all its forms.

14. I am grateful for my ability to write poetry. Genuine expression is invaluable.

15. I have faith.

16. I am finally becoming skilled in the art of Self-Care.

17. I appreciate my solitude. When I am alone, I most clearly hear myself.

18. I am glad the day is over. Every ending is a new beginning.

19. Blessed with the ability to be happy anyway. There can be no shadows without there being light.

20. I am grateful that I always, somehow, have enough.

21. I am grateful for the newness of it all.

22. I am grateful to have so much to be grateful for.

23. I truly appreciate dignity – my own, and that of others.

24. I am learning to appreciate the climb up the mountain as much as I know I will appreciate the view from the peak.

25. I am grateful, and lucky, for my inherent optimism, pain in the the ass though it may often be. Yay for the power of positivity!

26. I appreciate forgiveness – in practice, as a concept and as a state of being.

27. I am grateful for tomorrow, and that it never comes.

28. I am grateful to the floor, for catching my fall.

29. I am grateful to have choices. I will choose happiness, everyday.

30. I am grateful for a sense of humor, because life is HILARIOUS.

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